5 Tricks to Keeping Your Home Fur Free, For Free!

5 Tricks to Keeping Your Home Fur Free, For Free!

A fur free home can seem impossible to some pet lovers but with these simple tricks the impossible turns into the possible.

1. Brush your dog or cat often and preferably outdoors. Just like human hair sheds a certain number of strands every day, our pets fur also sheds everyday. By brushing your pets fur outside you will be able to discard of the excess hair into nature and stopped those pesky hairs from clumping on your sofa.

2. Minimize the amount of velvet, shaggy wool, and knitted fabrics you have in your house. Fur loves clinging to these types of fabrics. Opt for faux leather aka bicast leather, microfiber, or silk fabrics. Fur does not easily cling and accumulate on these fabric types.

3. Dust at least 20 minutes before cleaning the floors. When you dust the particles tend to get thrown into the air. Let the particles fall to the ground and settle and then clean your floors, or else you will clean you floors and then the particles will settle on your floor making your cleaning task useless.

4. Vacuum and mop (like the traditional mop in a bucket mopping) at least twice a week. Sweeping can throw dust and fur around and up into the air giving you a false sense of clean. We swiffering is good for cleaning up a spot your pet just vomited in but not for removing fur. Vacuuming and mopping will remove hair, dust, and fur that you didn’t even see.

5. De-clutter your home. Not only does dust love clutter but so does dander and pet fur. Pet fur gets thrown around and clumps in awkward places like tight spaces, corners, vents, in between furniture and around standing objects. The less items you have around the easier it will be to maintain the cleanliness and remove pet fur.

If you own pet’s and unless they are hairless you will never not have fur, all you can do is have a good cleaning schedule and stick to it. Maintaining your house chores is really the number one tip to keeping your house fur free.