How to tell if your pet is too hot or too cold

dog laying on ice block

How to tell if your pet is too hot or too cold

pet-too-coldEvery pet has a particular temperature that best suits them; they also have an accurate body temperature that they should maintain to be healthy. Have you ever wondered why some dogs are covered less unlike some other dogs? Of course, some dogs are more prone to cold than others; this can be attributed to some factors such as the differences in fur length, health, age, and weight and some other factors. Some pet owners tend to forget the consequences of neglecting the cold weather, as regards their pets. However, a dog can catch a cold from being too cold.

You can detect and tell when your dog is too cold by taking a critical look at your pet’s behavior and also the environment, unlike human beings, your pet cannot tell you when it is feeling cold. Consequently, it is left for you to study and decipher their body language. If your pet shivers and trembles unusually, holding its tell very close to its body, there is every probability that your pet is cold because these are natural ways it tends to get rid of cold and keep warm.

dog jacketIf your dog is always curling up or having slow movements, it could mean that it is very cold. You can tell that your pet is cold if it tends to curl into a ball, gets its tail tucked, and finds it not enjoyable staying outside, perhaps trying to hide under or behind objects and shields even during walks. These are the signs you should look for before putting your dog in it’s dog jacket.

However, your pet might feel too hot, and you should be able to tell when this happens also. When your dog is overheated, it tries to cool down by panting excessively as it has no sweat gland, but this doesn’t salvage the situation for your dog. In the case of overheating (when the dog feels very hot for a long while), the delicate skin around the eyes will turn red, as well the tongue and gums; the skin may also feel warm to touch, there might also be signs of sunken eyes, dry gums, mouth, and nose. Having your pet feel very hot for a prolonged time can make your pet to stumble or even collapse in the long run.

As a caring pet owner, you should keep a watch on your pet to decipher changes especially during extreme temperatures, if your dog doesn’t feel good outside, try bringing it inside. If need be, consider heading to a pet store and get your pet a sweater or winter cloth. However, if your pet is too hot, you should ensure that it has enough clean water for drinking, this should be kept in a shelter to avoid heating up this can help keep your dog warm. Also, you should try to exercise your dog during the early and latter hours of the day and not under the scorching sun. Do not leave your pet in the car on a hot day.