Importance of Doggie Boots During Walks


Importance of Doggie Boots During Walks

Despite the fact that dogs naturally have thick pads on their feet; there is still the need to put shoes on your pets during walks. Our pets are our companions at home, and even during walks, but they should be in good condition before they can keep us company to the fullest. Dog booties or shoes come in various styles, materials, and designs for different purposes;  your pet in some scenarios need to walk in booties, not just in winter, these shoes protect your dog’s paws while hiking and walking on hot asphalt in the summer. I will be telling you why and how important that is. I have a dog, and I deemed it necessary to buy some pairs of shoe for it from a pet store near me, I have been putting these shoes on my dog, and I must tell you, it has caused better than harm to both my pup and me.
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Pet shoes (or as we like to call them, doggie boots) will keep your pet’s paw clean even after a long walk. If you want your dog’s paw to look neat and free from dirt, you will need to put dog shoes on your dog during walks. Letting them walk in dirty places and perhaps step on muddy areas. The usefulness of pet shoes can never be overemphasized, as they are ideal for protecting your dog’s feet against any harmful objects that they may be on the ground during walks. Without a boot, your pet will be exposed to hazardous objects that may cause serious injury on its paws, consequently leading to health problems. One cannot undermine the idea that pets’ shoes are very relevant during walks, as you will have to offer your dog’s paw serious protection against salt, snow melt, sand, fire ants, lawn chemicals, etc.

For some people, it might sound awkward to hear that some dogs are allergic to grasses; you might never be convinced that this is real, until you have a dog that has an allergy to grass. Gone are the times when you get tensed because, you are on a walk with a dog that has an allergy for grasses, and suddenly you bump on an area full of grass; it is nothing to fret about if your dog has its shoes on. Making sure your dog wears shoes will probably be the best thing you could do, as this merely prevents their paws from touching the grasses.

Shoes or booties are apt for your dogs during walks on a scorching day. Perhaps, your dog will be walking on hot pavement, this is not cool for the ordinary paw, there is the need that you should consider buying a good and recommended shoe from a pet store and put on your dog.

It is a good idea that you go for shoes that best suits your pets during walks, perhaps a shoe that gives your dog a paw-like feel. These pet’s shoe shouldn’t be an entirely new work for your dog to do rather it should be one that makes it feel comfortable and free.

Pro Tip: Even when your dog is inside, you should protect them with anti-slip dog socks. (P.S. Ours are the cutest…)