Pet clothing, is it really needed?

Pet clothing, is it really needed?

Your dogs and cats deserve the best; they need to look cute, stay healthy and protected from the inclement weather. However, some people ponder and ask questions like is it healthy for dogs to wear pet clothes? Well, it doesn’t hurt, but goes a long way in keeping the dog fit, attractive and healthy. I will be taking you through the lane where you will get to see the reasons why it is a benefit to dress your dog in dog clothing and cats in cat clothing.


It is sacrosanct that particular regional climates are freezing like Canada, while some are harsh, and can be unhealthy to both humans and their pets. It is vital in scenarios like this to buy a well-made sweater or even a down-lined jacket and put on your dogs during their time outdoors. This will ensure that you and your lightly coated dogs such as Boston Terrier, Boxer, Chihuahua, Dalmatian, Pointer, and Weimaraner or your Sphynx cat can hit the cold outdoors to have a stroll, exercise or catch a fresh air while keeping your companion comfortable and warm.


We often share this common idea that our pets paws are tougher than they are, while they can handle the extreme temperatures much better than ours, hot and rough pavement can be painful to walk on. However, your dog will need dog boots to protect its foot from snow ice or hot, dog socks protect dogs’ feet from the summer heat, winter conditions, and possible injuries.


There is more to pet clothing than protection from weather extremes. Day in and day out, your dog can benefit from the protection of dog clothing, just as much as you do. Proper clothing can help your dog better adapt to seasonal changes and enjoy more time outdoors, while sportswear and costumes add fun to holidays and events. Also, proper pet attire will repel fleas and ticks, reduce insect bites, and keep your dog dry.


The fact remains that putting quality clothing on your dogs and even your cats can never be overemphasized. If your dog sunburns easily, try covering him with a dog vest aka T-shirt for some extra skin protection. Dog’s clothing are apt for itchy pets, or ones with allergies, a dog shirt can make the skin less accessible when on trips outside, reducing licking, chewing and scratching. They can also ensure a barrier between the dog’s skin and the allergens.  Also, a shirt traps some of the dander that irritates allergies and will get washed away instead of spreading everywhere at home. If your dog has allergies and is scratching himself to pieces, try covering his paws with anti-slip socks. Allergies can take long time to sort out, and dogs who are itchy will sometimes scratch their skin into ribbons, causing secondary skin infections.


Putting dog clothes or cats clothes on your pet will make them feel that they are important to you. You can simply show some love by buying them their costumes, clothing, and accessories and make them look fashionable and cute.