Which pet is right for you (dog, cat, and which breed?)

which pet is right for you

Which pet is right for you (dog, cat, and which breed?)

Most times, choosing a pet to own is a big decision, with the difference in lifestyle and perhaps, your idiosyncrasies. One might go for a dog, while another goes for a cat; even if the both persons go for the same, (say dog), they might not necessarily choose from the same breed. The question becomes which pet is right for you? Keeping a pet is a big responsibility, and it could mean a long-term commitment, so there is the need to choose wisely, the pet that is right for you.

If you have decided to go for a dog or a cat as your pet, but you are yet to be particular about which you need, then you need to put into considerations certain factors to help you discern which to go for. Cats and dogs are the most popular type of pet, very social and require more attention than virtually every other domestic animal. However, cats can take care of themselves far more than dogs, they need little maintenance and are happy to be left alone, and indoors, this is an advantage for busy owners. Unlike dogs, most dogs develop behavioural problems if left alone for extended periods of time. Also, cats are very sneaky mouse hunters, so if you own a cat, you won’t fret much to buy mouse traps, as your cats do the mouse hunting. Moreover, if you don’t have the much resources and perhaps a limited space to cater for a pet, but desires to own one, I guess you should go for a cat, as they eat less in general compared to dogs.

However, you may not want to go for cats if you need a pet that can be trained. Although it takes some time investment, teaching them to do tricks is fun. Dogs are excellent pets when it comes to exercises and walks, if you do take a walk, then go for a dog because they will always force you out of the house on a regular basis to walk with them, they simply can save a whole lot of money on gym classes. A guard dog is an effective deterrent to trespassers on your property. Also they have this heightened hearing ability, and this allows them to detect people on your property even before you do. Therefore if you are the security conscious type, then it is paramount that you go for a dog (guard dog) as they are awesome when it comes to security reasons. 

More importantly, even if you go for a dog as it suits you right, it is still paramount that you should go for the breed that best suits you.  Dogs are of various kinds, and you should choose the best suits your lifestyle and even career. If you are security conscious, then consider getting a guard dog. As well, if you are the playful type and maybe you do have a great time to spend with your dogs, then go for a play breed like the English Springer spaniel.

However, whether you deem a dog or a cat apt for you, they are all pets and need your care. You should also consider getting your pets the best in clothing, imagine your pet looking stunning in its new winter jacket, this is ideal for combating the cold weather.