Why dogs like noisy toys


Why dogs like noisy toys

It is good as one who owns a dog to know what type of toys your dog likes, the physical and intellectual effects it has on your dogs. There are varieties of toys for dogs that can be found in pet’s stores and even pet online stores. However, deciding what toy to buy for your dog is not an easy decision, as there are certain things to consider. Apparently, it has been found that dogs are much more excited with a noisy, and tend to lose interest on the toy once the squeaking mechanism has been removed. So it appears that your dog only trips for the squeaking aspect, and not the toy itself. Have you ever wondered why your dog prefers a noisy toy to an ordinary non-noisy toy?

Dogs by nature are very sensitive; they quickly detect sounds and relate them to a likely origin. When you buy your dog a toy, it subconsciously attributes the squeaky sounds on hearing it to the noise of prey. It is known that such squeaks will attract dogs and trigger their prey drive. Consequently your dog keeps stalking, twitching its ears, using its nose, pouncing on and possibly getting busy with the toy in a bid to detect and ascertain where the prey-like noise comes from. As your dog gets more hectic with the toy, it tries to act on it like the toy is a real prey, grabbing the toy in its mouth, shaking its head vigorously; this action can quickly break the spine of prey, if the toy were to be prey. So, virtually every dog likes noisy toys because of the seeming prey sound these toys give.

It is also possible that dogs enjoy noise ordinarily that these noisy toys make when playing with them. Noisy toys may not necessarily need to arouse the predator part of a dog; rather the dog might see it as fun and just enjoy it. Nevertheless, dogs are also busy when they are with ordinary non-noisy toys.

Your dog’s reaction to the noise in their toy is a mere ‘cause and effect’ phenomenon, when your dog bites or squeezes its toy, a resulting sound is produced; this excites them and causes pleasant feelings in their brain and hence, they are encouraged to keep squeezing. Just like a laser pointer, the more you try to understand the source, the harder it seems, but for dogs, they will keep making the toy to squeak.

However, if you have an aggressive dog or a much playful dog, and it seems to be that it will remove the squeaking mechanism from the toy, it is good that you should consider buying another form of pet toys in a pet store for it, so that it doesn’t spoil and probably get the squeaker out, this could get the dog choked, consequently leading to health problems.